A food and wine journey in the Caucasus

11 May 2020

Tasting Georgia is back! My book about food and wine in Georgia with 70 recipes – which Newsweek listed as one of the 6 Best Travel Books of the Last Decade – had briefly sold out but it’s now newly available in a revised edition in both the original hardback and new paperback versions. The book was included in the New York Times list of cookbooks that make you want to travel. Of course, we all want to travel at the moment but, in the meantime, reading about it is a good place to start!

Tasting Georgia Carla Capalbo

I’m thrilled because the book has also won the Guild of Food Writers’ Food and Travel Award, was shortlisted for the Art of Eating Book Award; won Best Food Book 2017 UK at the Gourmand International Cookbook Awards; was shortlisted for the IACP Culinary Travel Book Award and was listed by the Atlantic as one of 9 Best Cookbooks of 2017.

If you’d like a copy signed by me, follow this link and you can email me to arrange it.

Georgian Khachapuri and Filled BreadsI’ve also published another book about Georgia: Georgian Khachapuri and Filled Breads is the first in my series of small, pocket-size books about different aspects of Georgian cuisine and culture. The fully illustrated book includes 10 recipes, introductions to Georgia and its cooking, and has 64 pages. It’s super affordable and makes a great present.

I’m currently working on the second in the series, on Georgian spices.

Mount Ushba, Svaneti
Mount Ushba, Svaneti

The idea for TASTING GEORGIA A food and wine journey in the Caucasus was born in June, 2013, when I visited the country for the first time. It only took a few days for me to fall in love with the people, their food, wine and culture. On the day I was leaving, I said to John Wurdeman: “I know this sounds crazy because I’ve only been here for a few days but I can feel a book coming on!” His encouragement and the help and support of many wonderful friends in Georgia have led to this large and complex book being born. I’ve been to Georgia countless times since then, travelling up and down the country in search of the best stories, foods, recipes and wines.

Marina’s Khinkali Dumplings
Marina’s Khinkali Dumplings

Like my last three Italian books, this book is about the culture of making food and wine. I like to write these books with a reading traveller (or travelling reader) in mind, so you’ll find oral histories of women in the highlands of the Greater Caucasus alongside their recipes, photos and local highlights. There are maps too, to help find these often hard-to-locate families living in rural areas of the country.

The result is a 464-page book with 70 recipes, hundreds of colour photographs as well as maps and historical and cultural attractions throughout the country.

It’s been a wonderful journey for me, and I hope Tasting Georgia will encourage many more people to travel to – and fall in love with – Georgia.

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