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For anyone who is interested in hearing more about my take on Georgia, I’m delighted to announce that the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme is about to air two programmes about Georgia based on the people in my book. Dan Saladino, the show’s brilliant radio presenter, came to Georgia with me for one week in June and was so bowled over by it that he decided to make two programmes, not just one!

The first show, on Sunday September 3 at 12:30 UK time, will be about the Georgian feasting traditions and the role of the tamada or toastmaster.

The second, one week later, on Sunday September 10th at the same time, is about Georgia’s natural wines made in qvevri.

Both will then be available on BBC iPlayer for an unlimited time.

I hope you’ll tune in and join me in my admiration and excitement about this amazing country!

I’m thrilled to announce that this photo has won the International Association of Culinary Professionals’ Culinary Trust Award for Food Photography that Makes a Difference. Its title was:
In Caucasian Georgia Abundant Hospitality Defines and Defends the Country’s Culture.

This is natural winemaker Gogita Makaridze’s mother, at their home in Imereti. It is one of the images from my soon-to-be-published book, TASTING GEORGIA: A Food and Wine Journey in the Caucasus, out this summer.

A monk’s wine

17 March 2016

Father Gerasim from Alaverdi Monastery in Kakheti region, Georgia, with one of the wines he’s made there. This picture is from my forthcoming book: Tasting Georgia, a Food and Wine Journey in the Caucasus (out summer 2016).

A giant qvevri

17 March 2016

Zaliko Bodjadze is a master potter and he’s putting the finishing touches to a giant qvevri for winemaking in Imereti, Georgia. This is an image from my forthcoming book: Tasting Georgia (out summer 2016).

Jumping for wine!

17 March 2016

This was the dynamic scene at Pheasant’s Tears winery in September when the Rkatsiteli was being harvested in Kakheti, Georgia. This is one of the images from my new book (published in summer 2016): Tasting Georgia, a Food and Wine Journey in the Caucasus.

Tbilisi market

6 September 2015

This was the June collection of fresh vegetables in Tbilisi, now we’ll see what they have on offer in September.

Me at MAD!

23 September 2014

Me at MAD!
Here I am with chefs Frank Castronovo and Massimo Bottura as we receive the precious udon noodles from the great master Tatsuru Rai, via his wife. Read more about it on Zester Daily.

The key to great food

24 April 2014

Extra virgin olive oil is the key to great Mediterranean food. Invest in good oil made by artisan producers on small estates. It might cost as much as a good bottle of wine, but will last a lot longer!

In the red

26 March 2014

Tomatoes and Ferraris are an Italian boy’s best friends.

Perilla Please!

10 February 2014

I was recently in Seoul, South Korea, and became addicted to fresh perilla leaves, used as an edible wrap for rice and its spicy condiments. Their exciting flavour is the perfect antidote to Europe’s grey wet winter this year — if only I could be back in that market place now!